Get in the right mindset to reach life goals

Guided program with a vision board, daily tips, special meditations, curated affirmations and more to get you in the right mindset to reach life goals.

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1,473 customer reviews
Start achieving your goals
Guided vision board helps you define and achieve your life goals
Get inspired and motivated
Short affirmations and daily quotes will set the tone for your day
Build habits that build success
Build new habits with the help of daily tips based on your lifestyle and goals
Improve you mindset
Improve your mindset step by step and start living a happier life
How does it work? It’s simple
Personalize your plan
Tell us about your goals and lifestyle to personalize your program
Get quick daily to-dos
From inspiring affirmations to quick meditations, just a few minutes a day
Change your mindset
Follow the program and you will feel the first results in 14 days
Change your mind, change your life
The decisions you made yesterday define your today and the decisions you make today will define your tomorrow. If you set your life goals right, stay motivated and mindful, then every new day will bring you closer to your dreams. Dreamdone is a guide to your life goals and everyday mindfulness.
Set and reach your goals with a vision board
Put together your primary life goals in a effective vision board and visualize your future to stay focused on your most important ambitions.
Get insights based on your goals and lifestyle
Get personalized recommendations based on your goals and lifestyle to improve life quality and build new habits. All recommendations are clear and easily applicable.
Build up new you with special meditations and visualisation sessions
An important part of creating a better version of yourself and your future is to work out your mindset and visualize your goals. All sessions are guided and 5-7 minutes long on average.
Get inspired with daily quotes and affirmations
There are both positive and negative things in our lives. To achieve our goals, it is important to stay motivated and inspired. Curated quotes and a fine collection of affirmations will lend you a helping hand.
Improve focus with short guided breathing sessions
Stress and distractibility have one of the most intoxicating, negative impacts on our life. Manage feelings and thoughts to protect your mindfulness and overall well-being.
Explore self-transformation with hundreds of short reads
Learn more about how to get the most benefits out of starting your day early, how to build morning routines, why meditate, what foods boost energy, and numerous other handy insights.
Perfect for everybody

You can always find 5 minutes

No matter how busy your schedule, you can always give yourself and your life goals 5 minutes a day

It doesn't matter if you're a newbie in self-development

All the activities are guided and easy-to-follow regardless of your experience of goal-setting or meditation

Make reaching your life goals a habit

You'll start thinking differently and make decisions that will lead you to take the appropriate actions to your goals

See why customers love Dreamdone
Austin, 26 y.o.
I'm in love with this app
Like many people, I tend to lose motivation and get into a bad mood. That being the reason, I used to often leave things halfway. Dreamdone changed it. The app provides me with a connection to myself and a disconnection from negative thoughts.
Los Angeles, 39 y.o.
Defined my life goals
I had suffered from the fact that my goals used to chaotically change almost every month. As a consequence, my anxiety levels went up. Now I have my main priorities defined and I am steadily moving towards them from day to day. I found this app inspiring.
New York City, 33 y.o.
My most treasured app
This app has been incredible for helping me start my day! I use it almost every morning, I just love the short daily sessions. Very pleased with the content. And a vision board appeared to be a game changer for me!
Questions? We have answers
Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Or contact us anytime via email We operate Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm EST.
Does the program consist only of meditations, visualizations and affirmations?
The program is formed on science-based data aimed at improving mindset and building new habits. You have an access to a large number of special meditations, affirmations, quotes, short topics, latest research & lifehacks. All of those will help you discover new things about mindset and start implementing new habits into your lifestyle to achieve better and stable results.
What sessions are in the program? Will I be able to do them?
Sessions in the program are different: from basic to fundamental types. Every session is personalized for you, short (no longer than 10 minutes) and simple. So you will be able to do it.
What time of the day do you recommend to do daily sessions?
We highly recommend to do daily sessions in the morning. There are always 5-10 minutes in the morning for a meditation or breathing exercise (if you don't think so - just wake up 10 minutes earlier). You get set a great mindset for the day.
What if I've always given up with self-improvement and I'm afraid that this time I'll do the same?
Most programs are very hard to implement in our real life. And they are hard to use from psychological point of view. However, the key to the healthier and happier life is a simple consistency. You will be surprised at how easy it is to stick to our program.
How can I start a Dreamdone program?
Just download Dreamdone on the App Store and go through a small quiz to tell us about yourself. And we'll handle the rest.
Still have a question? We will help you.
Contact us on and we will help you.
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4.9 of 5
1,473 customer reviews