6 important reasons to say no to sugar

6 important reasons to say no to sugar

Sugar and the products made from it are very much addictive. The addiction is same as addiction to alcohol, tobacco or drugs. The only difference is that harmfulness of those mentioned above is well known, then the harmful effect of sugar on human health is underestimated by many. Moreover, even questioned sometimes.

This addiction can be easily explained from a scientific point of view. Eating sugar and increasing blood glucose levels results in the release of dopamine hormone. It affects brain processes that control emotional responses of pleasure. That's why all those who have a very sweet tooth say that they can't live without sugar-containing products.

That's why it is so difficult to give up sugar. People may experience some sort of "withdrawal". The craving for sugar is similar to that of drugs. Of course, it is much easier to quit sugar. "Withdrawal" usually lasts 7-10 days and gets easier afterwards. Moreover, giving up sugar offers new taste sensations that you haven't noticed before.

Nowadays sugar is contained in majority of foods. Our receptors are simply not able to recognize the true taste of food without sweeteners, preservatives and additives. When people give up sweets, they begin to actually enjoy what they eat.

A number of scientific studies provided evidence that sugar is harmful to human health. Danish scientists conducted an experiment in which 12 young men took part. They ate 225 grams of sugar every day for two weeks. As a result, the participants reported problems with blood vessel flow: the level of blood supply to lower body decreased by 17%. Scientists also believe that this problem may lead to heart and brain problems.

In 2014, another study was conducted. It showed that people whose diet consists of a quarter of sugar are twice as likely to die from heart disease, in contrast to those who have a sugar consumption rate of less than 10%.

Here are a few more good reasons to quit sugar at all:

1. No rapid mood swings and stress eating

2. Lower risk of heart disease and diabetes

3. Better sleep. Often those having a sweet tooth complain about insomnia and poor sleep quality

4. Easier to get up in the morning and stay energetic throughout the day

5. Improved memory and skin condition

6. An opportunity to lose extra pounds

It is important to know that not all foods containing sugar are equally harmful. There are fast and slow sugars. Fast ones are digested within 15-30 minutes, which means they are worthless. It is better to quit them completely. Fast sugars are contained in everyone's favourite desserts, sodas, and pastry. However, fruit contain slow sugars so they can be and should be eaten.

Consumption of sugar-containing foods is a bad habit that needs to be kicked. By breaking this habit you will get rid of many health problems, excess weight and mood swings. To leave no doubts watch the BBC documentary "The Truth About Sugar".

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