9 health benefits of quick morning exercise

9 health benefits of quick morning exercise

Short morning workouts get you into the habit of doing sports, boost your energy and help you to get in shape. Which is why many fitness guides recommend to take note of morning exercise and point out its efficiency comparing to working out in the evening.

9 really good reasons to start doing short workout sessions in the morning:

1. Short morning workout sessions speed up metabolism

This increases efficiency of shedding those extra pounds. Experts from the American College of Sports Medicine confirmed that exercising in the morning is more effective for burning calories. Before 5 p.m. metabolic processes in our body are set up to consume the energy, while in the evening this ability is decreasing. Which is why twenty-minute workout in the morning equals forty-minute workout in the afternoon.

2. Create a positive mood for the rest of the day

American scientists have proven that morning exercises help to cope with fatigue. That is the result of active blood circulation and release of adrenaline which awakens the brain.

3. Develop healthier food choices

That is also scientifically proven fact. The scientists of Brigham University established that morning workouts are more likely to help you to stop your appetite from overeating throughout the whole day. Psychologically, knowing how much effort was put into exercising, you won't let that momentary hesitation to ruin the results.

4. Save time

Many people can't exercise regularly due to lack of free time. Short working out sessions solve this problem. You can always start your day earlier and devote 10-15 minutes to exercise. This way you simply won't have to worry about it in the evening.

5. Increase overall energy and positivity for the day

Later in the day stress and other distractions can sabotage your workout. Once you're up and your body's well-rested after sleep, exercise will make you feel even more energized throughout the day.

6. Make the heart ready for the further performance

Physical activity in the morning accelerates the heart rate, which means the heart will be ready for the further action.

7. Have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system

Training in the morning provides an oxygen and nutrients supply to all organs and muscles.

8. Better digestion

Morning exercise activates the work of the abs muscles. When the muscles contract and relax, they massage the digestive tract, thus naturally massaging the intestine.

9. Favorably affect your skin

During workout blood vessels begin to expand to pump more blood around the body which improves the circulation of oxygen throughout your skin.

All things considered we cannot underestimate the importance of short morning workout sessions. They save time, affect the performance of all the organs of the body, boost our mood and burn those calories!

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