9 ways to deal with stress

9 ways to deal with stress

We all know firsthand what stress is. Many people are constantly under stress, from the moment they wake up until the lights go out: morning rush, traffic jams, job problems, children running around the house and lots of other worries. This hectic pace of life not only causes psychological discomfort but can also lead to the development of chronic diseases. Therefore, it is important to know how to deal with stress.

Here are simple tips to help you cope with stress:

1. Eat healthy food

Scientists have proven that your body needs to be properly fueled to help you tackle stress and cope with stressful situations better. Eating turkey, nuts, fatty fish and green vegetables helps to reduce the stress hormone (cortisol) and increase the happiness hormone (serotonin).

So start your day with a healthy breakfast and stick to good eating habits throughout the day.

2. Get enough sleep

Sleep is a cure for various ailments, including stress. Lack of sleep leads to irritability and mood swings.

3. Go to bed and get up earlier

Often we experience stress in the evening because we didn't manage to do all the things planned. Therefore, you need to start getting up earlier. Time compression effect is observed in the morning, when you can manage to get done more things when you usually do within an hour. You will be more productive and energetic. By planning your day ahead and doing lots of things in the morning you will notice your stress level decrease.

4. Do short morning workouts

People who exercise regularly are less prone to experience negative emotions and depression. Numerous studies have shown this idea to be true. In one of them, it was found that exercise reduces tension and positively affects your mood. Even a five-minute workout can make you feel calm and relaxed afterwards.

5. Set aside some time to do what you love

One hour a day will be enough. Take your mind off your current problems and worries and do something that actually brings you pleasure. It can be anything: knitting, reading, drawing or even watching your favorite TV show.

6. Meditate

Get comfortable, take deep and slow breaths, don't let your mind to wander and concentrate on the things that are important to you. This ritual will help you cope with stress and anxiety.

7. Learn to differentiate between work and home

Work problems should remain at work. You shouldn't go back home recollecting all the things that happen to you at workplace. That will have a negative impact on you and your loved ones.

8. Try to respond positively

Even if there are some unpleasant moments, think about the famous phrase said by psychologist Susan Krauss Whitbourn: "I can't change the situation, but I can change my attitude to it." The ability to respond positively even to negative situations will help you avoid stress and teach you to perceive such situations as just another experience. In the future you won't make this kind of mistake again.

9. Learn to say «no»

In some situations straightforwardness will only do you good. You don't have to do something you hate to please other people. It is better to refuse and avoid unwelcome emotional consequences.

We encounter stress every day. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid it so you need to know how to manage stress. Spend more time with yourself and your family, keep an eye on your physical health, and carry on with a positive attitude.

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