Why and how you need to visualize

Why and how you need to visualize

The word "visualization" has recently been used everywhere. Even marathons and workshops are being organized on how to visualize. However, many skeptics don't believe in the power of visualizations.

What if we say that famous people like Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates consider them an essential part of their lives? Moreover, they believe that visualization helped them achieve success.

During an experiment conducted on the basketball players by psychologist Alan Richardson concerning the effect of visualization, it turned out that:

  • If you do not practice shooting a basketball, then already in a week the skills will begin to atrophy and fade
  • If you visualize a workout drill, the result will increase by 23%
  • If you practice your throws, the performance will be improved by 24%

Another study conducted in the 1970s, proved that the best results are achieved by those athletes who combined visualization and a real training, with paying more attention to the formation of visual images.

So, visualization is a mental representation of what you want to achieve.

It often happens that our thoughts materialize in some magical way. That's the basic law of the Uni-verse: we attract into our lives what we constantly think about. In this case, positive thoughts are the cause of positive things and events, while negative thoughts are the cause of the negative ones.

It is important to understand that visualization isn't a list of your desires written on a piece of paper. The emotional factor is significant in this case. In order for the plan to be fulfilled, you need to experience genuine emotions while going through the desired in your mind.

Here's what happens in the brain:

  • By visualizing, you imagine that your desire has been fulfilled, while connecting with your true emo-tions
  • At this point, the body produces the same hormones as if you were actually experiencing something
  • As you live through this event in your mind, the brain creates new neural connections that give you a goal to aspire towards

Also, scientists confirmed that during visualization, a special area in the brain is activated, which filters out unnecessary information and allows us to focus on the important things.

Let's have a look directly at the method of practicing visualization. To achieve the desired result, stick to the following rules:

1. Make your goal proper and clear

The goal must be set in the present tense and without the negative particle "not".

2. Imagine everything in details

Where you are, who you are with, what is around you, the way you're dressed. Focus on your feelings and emotions.

3. Turn on your senses and perceptions

Try to catch smells, sounds. If you are eating or drinking something in your mind, what does it taste like?

4. Develop a scenario

At first, it is better to write things down, so it will be easier to figure out the missing details. Think through everything to the smallest detail, picture bright images in your mind.

5. Try to always visualize at the same time

It is better to practice in the morning, when our brain is most receptive and plastic.

6. Make it a habit

Visualization is one of the most important and necessary habits to develop.

Visualization is a powerful tool for reaching the goals. If you set your thoughts in the right direction, following the basic rules of visualization, you will be able to fulfill all of your dreams and desires.

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