Why eating smaller meals is better

Why eating smaller meals is better

The first rule of rational nutrition is to eat frequently, but in small portions. You can find this information on absolutely all websites, public pages and in books about healthy lifestyle.

Often people eat much more than is necessary to satisfy their hunger. That's where excess weight problem is coming from. You don't have to exhaust yourself with strict diets in order to get yourself out of this trouble. Just decrease the amount of food you eat. When you're eating more than you should the stomach begins to stretch. As a result you get hunger pangs and constantly overeat. When you adjust to smaller portions, it's the reverse process: your stomach begins to shrink. At first, you won't feel satisfied but remember that the feeling of fullness comes only 15 minutes after you're done with your meal. The stomach will shrink over time and you will be able to get enough satisfaction even from a smaller portion.

That is why many nutritionists advise you to drink a glass of water to reduce appetite. It really works. Moreover, if you combine exercising and portion control - the weight loss process will begin immediately with no need of strict dietary restrictions.

6 more basic rules you should follow:

  • Snacking is an important component of proper diet. Don't skip snacks. Have a snack between breakfast, lunch and dinner. That could be fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt. Snacks help to keep you full and prevent overeating later on.
  • The recommended serving size should be 250-300 ml. Visually, this portion is equal to the size of 1.5 clenched fists. We advise you to pour 250-300 ml of water into a glass, then pour it into a bowl and stick to the size. This way you don't have to worry about measuring your food every time.
  • Use smaller dinnerware. Experts from University of Cambridge proven that swapping for smaller dishes, spoons and forks helps to reduce calorie intake for 279 calories. In another study their American colleagues found out that if you offer three-year-olds a large, medium or small portion of macaroni and cheese, they will eat approximately the same amount. Although five-year-olds will eat a much larger portion in this case.
  • Increased meal frequency can keep your metabolism stoked and affect weight loss.
  • Eat a wide variety of foods. Include brighter, deeper colored vegetables in your diet. This way your body will get all the nutrients and vitamins it needs.
  • It is okay to eat before bed. High-protein dinner will provide your body with the necessary energy it needs for the recovery process which happens while we sleep.

Following these practical steps you can decrease your food intake. You will avoid constant hunger and overeating. At the end of the day, you have high metabolism level and beautiful body. Eat and be healthy.

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